Trump Appoints Financial ‘Hawk’ Mick Mulvaney as Budget Director


Republican Mick Mulvaney, 49, also known as the ‘fiscal hawk’ has just been appointed by President-elect Donald Trump as the new head for the Office of Management and Budget.

This choice was likely made so as to tackle and cut costs, and to aid Mr. Trump in his financial discrepancy while serving as president.

‘The Hawk’

Mr. Mulvaney has a reputation of being strict in regards to financial and economic matters, such as he did so back in 2011 when the Republicans and President Barack Obama had been battling with each other and Mr. Mulvaney served a vital character in this case that ultimately led to an agreement of specific financial settings.

Mr. Trump expressed his pride upon selecting Mr. Mulvaney as head of the budget system, saying that with his aid, they can take care of the over $20 trillion debt the United States is currently in, and he will professionally and wisely manage future spending so as to salvage the nation from “drowning in red ink.”

Mr. Trump went on to say that every American taxpayer will feel a more sense of relief with Mr. Mulvaney now in place, because they will finally be reassured just as to where their tax money is going and how it is spent.

Donald Trump declared that a higher increase in spending towards the defense system will be put to action with an enormous groundwork bill.

Having Mr. Mulvaney by his side will apparently help to ease any worries other financially conservative people might bring regarding the budgets that would be required for such a bill.

Paul D. Ryan as well has stated that Mick Mulvaney is undoubtedly the appropriate selection for the position, as he is proven to strive and succeed in matters that concern any type of traditional reformation, and has proven so in Congress as he always suggested newer methods of dealing with budget deficits.


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