Tsunami warning issued after huge Papua New Guinea quake


The world has been rocked by yet another earthquake this year. This time, Papua New Guinea has been hit by a huge 8.0 magnitude tremor, just one week after being rocked by a slightly smaller quake.

The earthquake hit close to Taron in Papua New Guinea, recorded at a depth of 73 km. Strong shaking lasted for around four minutes. Now, officials are warning families that there could be serious aftershocks on the way, which could lead to buildings being damaged.

A tsunami warning has also been issued. Waved between one and three metres high are expected to hit coastla areas. Currently, however, there is no tsunami warning in place for the nearby Australian mainland or its islands. New Zealand did have a tsunami warning in place for a period of time, but that has now been cancelled.

Series of waves

People living near the coast in Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Indonesia, Nauru, Kosrae and Vanuatu are beig urged to stay vigilant and to follow any official advice. They are also being told not to breathe a sigh of relief following the initial wave which may strike because a tsunami is actually a series of waves and the later ones can be higher.

Officials say that four minutes of shaking is very long even for big tremours. And because the shaking lasted so long, there is more likelyhood that buildigs will be damaged. Papua New Guinea is used to dealing with earthquakes and people do have evacuation proceedures in place when tremors happen, including running up to nearby hilly ground.

There have already been a large number of earthquakes during 2016. This month alone, tremors have struck Costa Rica, Peru, Alaska, Indonesia, China, America and Solomon Islands. Papua New Guinea was also hit by another earthquake, just a week ago which was a 6.1 magnitude and struck near Arawa.



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