UK: Committing Suicide Not a Crime, and Shouldn’t Be Considered One


The Commons Health Committee has decided on conducting a thorough examination into the term ‘committing suicide,’ as they believe it results in a negative attitude toward the wording.

MP’s have expressed their view regarding the concept of committing suicide and stated it would serve as an injustice to those individuals who do commit suicide since it is not after all an actual crime.

Ministers have declared that this term should no longer exist or be written on newspapers or through broadcasting mediums, as it leads to defamation of those individuals.

The MP’s added that suicide is a situation that can be easily prevented, given the proper tools to approach such individuals in an attempt to salvage the suicidal individuals from indulging in self destructive behavior.

Family members of a suicidal person should also be notified about the vulnerability of that person, according to the latest reports by the health committee.

The Next Step

The report suggested that experts in this field should receive a more advanced training procedure so as to be better equipped when explaining to family or friends of a suicidal person just as how to further improve the recovery process and for it to be fulfilled.

The term of ‘committing’ has been argued to be an improper word for this matter, as it would imply that suicidal people are involved in a crime.

The term has received other possible alternative expressions such as ‘taking one’s own life’ or perhaps even ‘completed suicide’ as both of these express the matter far more accurately in terms of what actually ends up happening at the end.

The Media’s Role

The MP’s criticized the media’s portrayal towards those who are suicidal or have done so, as it does not necessarily serve to help such individuals, but rather creates a certain image or attitude about their actions instead.

The MP’s demanded there be a new campaign initiated and run by the government which would tackle all incidents of stigmatizing suicide within media outlet.


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