US Approves of U.N. Resolution for Israeli Settlements


Although Israel and President-elect Donald Trump have urged the US to veto a resolution in the U.N. that called for an end to further illegal Israeli settlements, the US has agreed to allow the resolution to pass.

President Barack Obama’s administration abstained from the U.N. vote, earning a complete victory by the remaining 14 out of 15 votes required in order for the draft to move forward.

The U.N. resolution was created in order to cease further illegal settlements the Israeli government has permitted over Palestinian territory, which ultimately reduces the possible chances for a future two-state solution.

Rejection From the Start

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was enraged by this outcome and that of the U.S. decision in refusing to veto the draft.

Mr. Netanyahu responded to the matter by exclaiming that the state of Israel will not be obliged to follow these new terms, and this matter serves as an utter disgrace against Israel.

The Prime Minister has previously supported and encouraged further Israeli settlements to be constructed in Palestinian territory.

The United States has aided Israel with over $3 billion a year for their military, and has always come to its assistance. However, this safeguard has been shattered as President Obama made his recent move, serving as his last legacy to them before his term finished within the next few weeks.

The Role of Others

The U.N. draft was first put in motion by New Zealand, Malaysia, Venezuela, and Senegal, and Egypt had decided to remove itself from the draft due to extensive pressure that had been inflicted on to it by both Israel and President-elect Donald Trump.

The decision by President Obama was hit hard with negation by Democrats, Republicans, as well as U.S. legislators.

Mr. Trump meanwhile took matters into his own hands before even being sworn in as president by calling both Mr. Netanyahu and Egyptian president Abdel Fattah Al Sisi.

The White House deputy national security adviser, Ben Rhodes responded to Mr. Trump’s move by stating “There is one president at a time.”


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