VPN Service Has Been Unveiled For Everyone


ProtonMail is an app developed by the researchers from the CERN and MIT. The Switzerland-based company has recently come up with VPN Service called “ProtonVPN.” The ProtonMail is an end-to-end encrypted email app which was made available for the iOS and Android users last year.

This new virtual private network service basically includes a free tier for users instead of the traditional paid options. Why has it been introduced? As per the researchers, nobody loves to be tracked. Hence, this ProtonVPN service helps the users browse the Web without leaving behind any history and also let’s bypass the online censorships.

According to Any Yen, Co-Founder of ProtonMail, this new service has been developed to help the Internet users overcome the certain restrictions as well as enjoy their Internet freedom. However, the security, privacy, and online freedom are well maintained and followed as per the norms set up. It is just a new way to explore websites.

This new kind of architectural technology helps the users pass through a number of encrypted tunnels without any trails being left behind. The basic reason for introducing this service is to ensure that the attacker will have no access to the user’s connection. The ProtonVPN’s innovative security feature allows the user to access the websites that are blocked in their country. The researchers have applied the logic of letting the user check the network traffic without letting out its IP address or any kind of browsing activity to the foe.

What’s more interesting about the ProtonVPN service is that the free tiers will be provided in three countries and allowed access to only single device and without any bandwidth speed option. The Basic tier service costs about EUR 4 per month and offers the ProtonVPN service around 14 countries that too with high bandwidth speed and access to two devices. The Plus tier provides access to five devices, Tor servers, or Secure Core along with a high-speed bandwidth. It costs about EUR 8 per month. The Visionary tier comes along with a price tag of about EUR 24. Lastly, the ProtonVPN Visionary allows access to about 10 devices, access to Tor server and Secure Core with super high-speed connectivity.

ProtonMail has declared that its ProtonVPN servers will be positioned in the data centers of countries such as Sweden, Switzerland, and Iceland. The ProtonVPN is years of hard work which is being currently tested by the ProtonMail.


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