West Ham to Replace Dimitri Payet Shirts for £25


Following the departure of Dimitri Payet from West Ham the club has offered to replace shirts with the player’s name written on the back for a fee of £25.  The replacement will be a brand new shirt.

The announcement came from director Karen Brady who said that Payet shirts can be replaced for £25.

The Frenchman eventually left the club after stating that he was unhappy.  He had become a firm fan favourite with the fans for his prior performances.  His creative flair was very much in the West Ham mould, and he was one of the best midfield players last season, earning a reputation for scoring spectacular free-kicks.

In the last few weeks, he refused to play for West Ham.

They eventually sold him back to Marseille for £25m.

The announcement came after one fan complained he had wasted £60 on a shirt with Payet’s name written on the back.

The £25 exchange did not go down well with some fans who feel out of pocket.

Lack of Respect

His departure has saddened fans and angered the club’s executive board for his lack of professionalism at his refusal to play.  This was made abundantly clear on West Ham’s website, where co-chairman David Sullivan wrote, “The club would like to place on record its sincere disappointment that Dimitri Payet did not show the same commitment and respect to West Ham United that the club and fans showed him, particularly when it rewarded him with a lucrative new five-and-a-half-year deal only last year.

“I would like to make it clear that we have no financial need to sell our best players and that the decision to allow Payet to leave was in accordance with the wishes of the manager and the interests of squad unity.”

Since his departure results for West Ham have improved to the delight of fans.


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