Why going to the pub may actually be good for you


It turns out that we now have the perfect excuse for popping to the local pub for a quick pint of glass of wine. A research team from Oxford University has found that visiting a local hs benefits to wellbeing because of the social interaction offered there.

The study revealed that chatting in small groups is key to health benefits, and that alcohol’s role in triggering the endorphin system also has an important part to play. In the newly published research paper called Functional Benefits of (Modest) Alcohol Consumption authors say that going to the local pub can help people to feel more satisfied with life.

Professor Robin Dunbar said that the research showed visiting a local could help people to develop social networks and to feel part of their local community. He added that social networks were key in preventing mental health problems and physical illness.

He and his team discovered that people with a local pub that they went to often felt more social engaged than those who did not and were more likely to trust other members of their community. The study looked at information from three previous pieces of research to draw its conclusions.

Importance of protecting locals pubs

Colin Valentine, the chairman of the Campaign for Real Ale said the study showed how important it was to ensure that everyone had a local pub close to their home or place of work. However, with 21 pubs shutting their doors across Britain every week, he said planning protection must be put in place to ensure they were not turned into homes or other commercial enterprises.

While the research is good news for those who want to go to their local, it is not an excuse to drink to excess. The research team was very clear that the study was connected only to modest consumption of alcohol.



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