Windows 10 Creators Update Tempts Business


The new Windows 10 Creators Update will not only provide 3D imagery and mixed reality tools, it will usher in new business features designed to improve productivity and improve system security.

In a blog published by Rob Lefferts, Microsoft’s director of program management for Windows Enterprise and Security, he went into more detail about what the update offers business.

Soon, Windows 10 will be able to better track security issues and provide better forensics and remediation tools.  It will also improve how it works with the cloud and save time on IT management.  An intriguing feature is that it will be possible for business users to reduce the size of Window updates.

To support the more creative of Windows users, as well as building in creative tools to the operating system, Microsoft are releasing several devices to support design.  This includes the Surface Studio desktop screen, and the Surface Dial accessory which will help manage colour and design.

Lefferts writes in his blog, “The cyber threat landscape today requires an ongoing and relentless focus on security.  The Creators Update will continue to bring new security capabilities to IT administrators to better protect, defend and respond to threats on their networks and devices.”

Speaking on security enhancements, he wrote it will be easier to monitor, track, and importantly act should a security issue arise.  Windows 10 Creators Update features new sensors and intelligence capabilities than previous operating systems.

“With the Creators Update we will expand Windows Defender ATP sensors to detect threats that persist only in memory or kernel level exploits.

“This will enable IT administrators to monitor loaded drivers and in-memory activities, and to detect various patterns of injection, reflective loading, and in-memory modifications indicating potential kernel exploits.”  He wrote.

With these improvements as well as streamlined downloads the new version of Windows 10 could be very tempting for business and the design industry.


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