With Rebranding Of Withings, Nokia Also Launches 2 New Health Products


Nokia has completed the product transition of the Withings brand, which is a health and fitness-focused brand that was acquired by Nokia in June 2016. Apart from this, Nokia is also launching 2 new health products, namely, Nokia BPM+ soft-cuff wireless blood pressure (BP) monitor and Nokia Body BMI Wi-Fi connected scale. It has also done the makeover of its Health Mate app to offer new program features and navigation system. The new and rebranded products can be obtained online at health.nokia.com as well as at leading merchants globally, including Amazon.com, Best Buy, and Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

So, let’s have a glimpse at these products.
Nokia BPM+

Nokia BPM+ represents a new small wireless BP monitor that enables the user to check their BP while traveling or at home. The device measures the heart rate and diastolic & systolic BP and the results are displayed on the Health Mate app. The data can even be gathered for the understanding and intervention by the medical professionals. The device will cost $129.95 and will be available at Best Buy and health.nokia.com.
Nokia Body

Nokia Body BMI Wi-Fi connected scale basically provides smart weight managing for the complete family and delivers highly exact measurements through a patented Position Control technology that identifies the position of the body. Whenever the users weigh-in, a weight trend graph is displayed showing the users’ progress to keep them motivated. Instant access is provided to data analysis and BMI trend within the Health Mate app to assist users to attain their objectives. The device also identifies up to 8 users with autonomous sync and even provides nutrition tracking features and personalized coaching for each individual. The device will cost $59.95 (approximately Rs 3,800) and will be obtainable at Best Buy, health.nokia.com, and Amazon.com.
Nokia Health Mate app with new features

The Health Mate app has been redesigned and has enhanced navigation for content finding and new wellness programs to assist users in attaining the health objectives on the basis of their wellbeing and specific health requirements. It includes 5 new programs including Better Body, Sleep Smarter, Healthier Heart, Leaderboard, and Pregnancy Tracker to manage fat mass and weight, help you sleep better, control BP, get more active, and control weight gain during pregnancy. The app is accessible for free for iOS and Android users.
Other products that Nokia has rebranded include Body+, Body Cardio, Nokia BPM, Nokia Steel, Nokia Thermo, and Nokia Home.


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