Woman Found Injured Along Road in North Philadelphia has Died


The woman who was found severely injured on the side of a road in North Philadelphia on Monday has died, reports say.

The woman was found by a driver passing by at approximately 11:30pm on Monday in the 2700 block of N. 3rd Street. The driver notified the authorities that were on site, officers from Housing Authority.

The woman had reportedly found unconscious with a severe head trauma, and had bruises on her body.

Police say there were signs that she may have been sexually assaulted. Although she was rushed to the hospital by authorities, she sadly did not make it.

She didn’t have any identification on her, and has not yet been identified. She appeared to be in her 40s.


The police have started an investigation to find out what exactly might have happened to her. One reporter on 6abc said: “We do now know that homicide investigators have taken over this case.”

There was one boot reportedly found in the area that may be connected to the crime. The area she was found in is a relatively desolate area, with “vacant lots on both sides of the street.”

“We did find about three or four business about a block away that do have exterior cameras, So hopefully these cameras recorded something that could help us with this investigation,” said Chief Inspector Scott Small.

Police are investigating to see if what happened to this woman may be connected to a similar incident that took place on Monday in Kensington.

Another woman was found not too far away in Kensington on Clementine Street. She also had a severe head trauma and had died at Temple University Hospital early that morning.

Police ask that if you happen to know anything that you call Philadelphia Police to help further the investigation.


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