X Factor rescue video was a fake


A video purporting to show X Factor star Olly Murs resuing a choking woman at a restaurant is a fake, it has emerged.

The scenes were not part of a life-threatening episode but were actually filmed for a television show. The story went viral as images emerged which appeared to show Olly Murs, who is one of the most successful acts ever to come out of the British X Factor, performing the heimlich manoeuvre on a fellow diner who was choking on her food.

Media reports immediately appeared, hailing singer Mr Murs as a hero for his quick actions. Newspapers reported that Mr Murs threw his arms around the woman before pumping her chest. A piece of food is then seeing shooting from her mouth and across the room.


However, many people have now pointed out that the video was some sort of prank. One eagle eyed social media user said that the food had been in her left hand and she simply threw it across the room.

On Twitter, one person tweeted: “That video of Olly Murs is a PR stunt at its worse, I’m sorry if someone is choking the last thing you grab for is a mobile phone to film it.”

Others, believing that the video was real, praised Mr Murs for his quick thinking and prompt actions, which they believed saved the woman’s life. One said: “Congratulations you’re a wonderful person.”

Now, Mr Murs’ team is promising to reveal exactly what the incident was all about in coming days. Speculation is rife that the singer may have been taking part in some sort of safety video, or that perhaps it was a music video, or even a prank which was played on Mr Murs. It looks like we will simply have to watch this space.



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